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April 13, 2022 5 min read

When you find dog pee on your bed, it’s never good news. Not only do you have to clean up the mess, but you also need to figure out why your dog decided to relieve himself there. Does he not like his dog crate? Did your schedule change and you’re not home enough to let him out as often? Is there some other underlying issue?

We’ll examine all of these factors so that you can find the cause and fix it, so that your furry friend no longer feels the need to pee on your bed!

To mark territory

Dogs pee on things to mark their territory. They don’t want other dogs coming in and making themselves at home—or so one theory goes. And it’s not just male dogs that do it—female dogs will pee on things, too. Your dog might be trying to claim a patch of floor or carpet as his own, letting everyone know he can be trusted in your home.

Or maybe he’s picking up your scent and wants you to recognize that he belongs here, too. Dogs are most likely to mark territory in their own homes than when they go into public spaces like vet offices or dog parks.

If he doesn’t like the new place

That’s right, dogs wake up early because they need to go to work. And while you may not be heading out for a walk or a hike at dawn, your dog probably still wants his morning exercise.

Not getting enough of it could make him restless and cranky. Make sure you’re giving him some playtime (15 minutes should do) as soon as he gets up so he doesn’t get riled up with pent-up energy instead.

To get you up in the morning

Dogs are some of our best friends. They're loyal, attentive and always up for a good game of fetch. But sometimes, no matter how well-behaved your canine companion is, it might do something that's just a little weird or embarrassing: Such as peeing on your bed.

If you've found yourself wondering why your dog peed on your bed, don't fret: Experts say it can happen to any pup. Here's what might be going on with yours...

Because he feels threatened

As frustrating as your dog's behavior may be, before you start looking for a new housemate you need to ask yourself why he/she is peeing on your bed. Dogs urinate and defecate outside for a variety of reasons; marking territory, stress relief, overexcitement and even boredom to name just a few.

Take some time to analyze what is going on in your pet's life that might trigger them to relieve themselves on your precious sheets. If nothing comes up after a bit of research then you'll know there are no external factors at play here; it's time to get into their head.

Because of pain or illness

The most common reason for incontinence in dogs is pain or illness, especially urinary tract infections. Sudden onset of incontinence is a red flag that your dog may be suffering from an underlying condition. While there are some home remedies and medications that can help relieve incontinence, it’s best to have your dog checked out by a vet if they’re having trouble controlling their bladder.

Your vet will perform tests and take x-rays to diagnose whether your dog has any other medical conditions, like diabetes or kidney disease, which might be causing him or her to feel pain when urinating. If so, these problems can often be treated with diet changes and/or medication.

How to Train Your Dog To Stop Peeing on Your Bed

There are plenty of ways to train your dog to stop peeing on your bed and you’ll have it handled in no time! This guide provides you with easy-to-follow steps and tips to train your dog to stop peeing on your bed!

Redirect her when she pees

If you’re really annoyed by your pup peeing on your bed, there are a few things you can do to stop it. The most common is to redirect her attention as soon as she starts to pee in your room, and then quickly take her outside or somewhere else that is allowed.

For example, if you hear her start sniffing around at night, just say no or go potty and walk her out of your room and down to the door before taking her outside. You could also just yell no! every time she heads towards your bed during nap time and keep an eye out for it happening.

Reinforce good behavior

When your dog pees in a place you don’t want it to, immediately and consistently remove him from that location. When he returns to that area, do not make any eye contact with him, do not pet or praise him and get away from there quickly. Do not give any attention. You want your dog to associate peeing where you don’t want him to pee with getting no attention from you at all.

So when your dog learns where he is allowed to pee, praise him generously for using his go potty spot. This reinforces his good behavior and will help stop any future accidents in other areas of your home or yard when you are not there to supervise them.

Move her to her own spot

If you keep her bed in your room, she may feel like it’s hers and will pee on it to stake her claim. Try moving her to a new area of your home, like another room or an exercise pen. Give her time to adjust before getting rid of her old bed and make sure she has access to water at all times (at least until she learns where her new spot is).

If there's no sign of improvement within a few weeks, then try again with a different spot. Dogs can be very set in their ways so stay patient; she will adjust eventually. You could also train her during a holiday break or over summer vacation if your schedule allows.

Add a repellent

Use a repellent that can be bought from most pet stores or can be ordered online. One of the best products available is called No Pee. It comes with a bunch of pads with different scents, which will help deter your dog from peeing in that spot again by masking their urine smell.

Get a Dog Bed

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