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April 12, 2022 3 min read

Cats love freshwater. In fact, one of the most common questions that cat owners ask their veterinarians is, Why isn't my cat drinking enough water? The answer to this question is simple: Cats are picky about their water sources and don't just drink out of any bowl or fountain you put in front of them.

Unfortunately, cats also have to be really picky because they can easily become dehydrated when they don't get enough fluids, which can lead to serious health problems if left untreated.

Factors That May Interfere with the Cat Drinking

Although it may seem like a good idea to set up a cat water fountain as an alternative to having your cat drink from a regular bowl, it’s actually not all that practical. In order for your pet to get enough water without overindulging, you’ll need to clean and replace their fountain with great frequency.

However, if you find that your cat is still drinking from an old dish instead of their water fountain, you may want to ask yourself why. It could be that there’s something about their water source that they don’t like. A physical barrier or flavor they can sense may turn them off from using it regularly.

How to Choose a Suitable Pet Fountain

If you’re in the market for a new pet fountain, then there are a few things to consider first. There is a vast array of options on offer for your feline or canine companion, each boasting various features and capabilities. Knowing what to look for will ensure that you make an informed choice and end up with something that keeps your beloved pet well hydrated and happy.

Pet fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they basically perform two important functions: they allow your pet to drink filtered water, and they reduce your pet’s ingestion of chlorine. Whether or not you choose to purchase a fountain that’s designed for cats vs. dogs is up to you.

Many dog owners have no trouble using their cat’s fountain and vice versa. That said, there are some differences worth taking into consideration, such as reservoir capacity and noise level. You may also need to consider energy usage since some fountains require power while others are manually operated.

Important Features of Pet Fountains

Pet water fountains are one of those things you might think is just a gimmick, but they’re actually pretty awesome. If you think about it, it makes sense why they might be useful: cats naturally like to drink running water (much more so than dogs), and human beings are often busy with other tasks around their home and forget to refill their pets’ water bowls. Fountains give your furry friend fresh water whenever he wants it.

It’s no surprise that pet fountains have become quite popular in recent years; a quick search on Amazon will show you there are over 200 varieties available! Some even come in different styles; check out these cool cat drinking fountain examples here. There’s something for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions on Fountains for Cats

Why is my cat’s water fountain not working properly? This is a common question for owners of pet water fountains. The most common reasons for your cat’s fountain to stop working include poor maintenance, low water flow, and a broken pump. Let’s discuss each issue in more detail.

Conclusion - Choosing the Right Pitcher

Picking a pitcher can be tough. You want to go with one that is BPA-free and made out of food-grade plastic, which won’t release anything harmful when it comes into contact with water. With that said, you also don’t want to spend too much money on a pitcher because they do go bad eventually; once bacteria has formed in your waterer, it can never truly be cleaned.

Even though they are usually dishwasher safe, you should always wash them by hand instead; keeping them clean and sanitary is critical.

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