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May 30, 2021 3 min read

For a Pet Parent, it’s a very familiar scene that once you finally get to your bed after a long hard day at work, your family cat joins you and snuggles under your bed.

Even when you have given your cat a cozy bed, perches and whole lots of other things, you are often bewildered and ask yourself that why does my cat sleep under my bed?

Although, no one can get into the mind of a cat as it is one of the most mysterious creatures god has created, there can be several reasons why this happens.

  1. They are seeking your Warmth

You must have noticed that often you cat seeks out a heat source when he’s ready for his midday siesta as they like it warm.

According to various studies, a Cat’s body temperature falls down to 102-degree Fahrenheit and by snuggling up to you, they are able to maintain their body temperature without much effort. This is also reiterated by the fact that cats like to snooze on the sunny windows or into crammed boxes.

  1. Safety

A cat wants to feel safe from the loud and sudden noises as they consider it as a sign of danger. Hiding under the bed is a natural reaction to feel more secure and out of harm’s reach.

A pregnant cat will be hiding more as the need for safety is much more in such vulnerable state. Hence, when a cat goes under your bed, it may be because they feel safer with you and they need that sense of security to sleep.

  1. Health Problems

One of the most obvious signs of illness in cat is hiding behavior. A cat who is always on a move will suddenly go into hiding if he is nursing an injury, a bad cold or an arthritic flare up.

This actually is a legacy of a wild cat as a sick animal will be vulnerable to attack from predators and they do not like to show their weakness and will just hide under your bed.

  1. Temperature

If the temperature of your house is high because of poor air-conditioning or you live in an exceptionally hot country then there is a high probability that the cat is snuggling under your bed to escape the heat as they know that underneath your bed is one of the coolest spots to hand out.

  1. Anxiety & Depression

A cat is an emotional animal and anything can trigger a range of negative emotions in them. Events such as a birth of a new baby, or addition of a pet or even a rearrangement of furniture can affect them.

These new situations can cause your cat to become anxious and seek a spot to hide away from all the madness. Your cat may think that the isolated area under your bed is the perfect spot.

Tips to keep your Cat out of your Bed

  1. Use a Cat Repellent

Cat don’t like certain scents so you can buy a cat repellent and spray under your bed. This will deter your cat from snuggling under your bed.

  1. Ban the Bedroom Access

Some cats need to be taught at night that they will be separated from humans. Some cats might scream until morning to show their frustration and it is good idea to see a vet in such a case.

  1. Get your Cat their own Bed

A great way to keep your Cat out of your bed is to get them a new one. It might be an obvious option but a new bed will excite the feline and they will feel like spending more time on their own personal bed instead of crawling under yours.

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