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April 26, 2021 3 min read

Well being of a pet is one of the primary concern of a Pet Owner and when they start acting strangely it should not be taken lightly.

As a Pet Parent, we want our Dog to be happy, chirpy and maybe a little mischievous but if the dog behavior is strange and he is acting scared then it can be a primary warning of a critical disease.

Some of the probable reasons may be as below –

  • Fear – Loud Noises is one of the most common cause of fearfulness in a dog and they start acting really strange when they are scared. In such a scenario, please make sure to take the dog away from such Noises.
  • Toxic Poisoning – A Pet Owner must understand that an animal body and a human body are totally different and there might be some food items which are considered normal for humans but are toxic for an animal. Be very careful what your dog is eating and make sure that they eat right as Toxins make them shaky and down.


  • Illness – If your dog is having diarrhea, frequent vomiting and anorexia then he might behave abnormally as any kind of illness can cause a dog to not want to do things they usually enjoy. If the dog is sleeping in abnormal spots to seek cold or warmth then it may indicate abnormal temperature or sunken eyes can be sign of dehydration. Please provide immediate veterinary attention in any of these situations.
  • Muscle Pull or Joint Ache – A dog will act fearful if they are having Arthritis which is caused because of gradual bone damages. While playing or running, the dog might pull a muscle which can cause excruciation pain and the dog will get scared thinking that the pain will increase over time. A Pet Owner should be able to identify these signs and take appropriate medical action.

  • Depression – Similar to human beings, a dog might go through depression as well. An event such as another pet dying can have tremendous effect on a dog and it may start acting weird. In such a scenario, you need to give attention to your dog by spending time with him, playing or exercising with him. Generally, in such cases, you will see improvement over a course of few weeks.
  • Hormones – Change in hormones can be seen when a dog or a cat become sexually mature or is pregnant and similar to humans they will also act differently. If a pet is about 6 months of age and has not been desexed or there is a change of it becoming pregnant then you might see behaviors such as Aggression, Humping, Panting, Mounting. These are temporary behaviors which can be eliminated by Spaying and Neutering.

  • Neurological Anomalies – After a certain age, the brain function of a dog starts to deteriorate and he might start to sleep more, stare into space, getting lost frequently or vocalizing for no apparent reason. This might be sign of dementia. This is a natural process and should be discussed with your vet in order to provide adequate Medication and Supplements to the pet.

In conclusion, Dogs are a part of our family and need lots of love and care and if they are going through a tough phase, it affects the whole family. So, if you ever think why my dog is acting strange, please remember that as a pet parent it is our responsibility to understand their emotions with patience which will help them live a long and cheerful life.

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Do you have a dog or a pet who has gone through this phase? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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