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April 11, 2022 3 min read

Why does my dog flip his water bowl? Is there something in the water bowl that he doesn’t like? Has he been trained to flip it over? Are there bugs or debris on the bottom of the bowl? Or does your pup just do it for fun?

In this article, we discuss the reason why dogs flip their water bowl by taking specific examples of some dog species.

The Golden Retriever

You may think your dog is simply being playful, but a lack of balance or a brain tumor could be to blame. Golden retrievers are among several breeds of dogs susceptible to hydrocephalus, a condition in which an abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid builds up within their brains.

Dogs with hydrocephalus display symptoms ranging from progressive dullness to seizures and excessive drinking and urination. This condition can be surgically treated. Dogs with mild cases of hydrocephalus may need no treatment at all; indeed, many veterinarians will recommend monitoring over treatment for most animals that have lived asymptomatically with hydrocephalus for many years. However, if your pet shows signs of lethargy, you should consider consulting a veterinarian.

The Rottweiler

This has long been a big problem with Rottweilers. There are lots of stories about them tipping over food and water bowls. In many cases, they're doing it to get attention, because in their eyes, you're ignoring them when you're not paying enough attention to them.

This is an issue that can be controlled and corrected with consistency. First make sure your Rottweiler has plenty of toys to play with and chew on while you're busy cleaning up after him, playing fetch or simply interacting with him by rubbing his ears or belly in a loving way. Then do not give any rewards for bad behavior, such as turning your back on him when he flips over his bowl during dinner time.

Smaller Dogs

If your small dog is tipping over their food or water dish, first make sure that you’re not placing it on a slippery surface such as tile flooring. Also, consider switching to a solid feeding dish and/or one with rubber feet so that your pup’s food stays put.

You may also want to consider switching to a slow feeder if your smaller breed tends to scarf down their meals quickly or has problems swallowing large chunks of kibble. Slow feeders force dogs to work for their food, so they eat at a slower pace. They can also help prevent bloat and gas issues because they reduce how much air is consumed while eating.

What to do next time your dog flips his water bowl?

Giving your pet clean, fresh water to drink is an important part of his daily care. The water should be changed and replaced every day, especially in warm weather, to avoid bacteria growth that can cause illness or disease. But did you know that dogs might sometimes deliberately turn over their water bowls? Why do they do it—and what can you do about it? Read on for some answers...

Most importantly, all dogs should have access to fresh and clean drinking water.

Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian who specializes in alternative care for pets, recommends that owners use large ceramic bowls that their pet cannot knock over easily. It’s also a good idea to provide fresh water at all times and to change it daily; doing so will keep your furry friend hydrated and prevent bacteria from growing in your pet’s dish. If you notice your pup or kitty tipping over his bowl often, it could be a sign of underlying issues.

Water bowls are an essential accessory for your pet.

There are a variety of different bowls on the market, and you can choose based on aesthetics and style. Some of them are ceramic, some plastic. Some have slow-draining systems that make sure your pet doesn’t drink too quickly while others have compartments where you can add treats to keep them coming back for more. Pet stores often sell these dishes in sets so you can mix and match depending on your individual taste. Here are a few tips to help you pick out an appropriate dish for your four-legged friend

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