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Soft Cat Bed House Cave

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Soft Cat Bed House Cave

It is very common for Cats & Dog to suffer from anxiety. As per studies, more than 70% of the pets in the world suffer from anxiety at some point in their life.

Many pet parents must have experienced that even when you leave your pet for a short duration, when you come back, they react as if you have been away for months.

As most of the pets will curl up anywhere from a cold floor to a wet floor which is another reason for the troubles they face hence, we need to create an environment in which they feel clam and safe.

Furvenzy presents a comfy dog bed which provides a soothing environment so that your pet can have a good night’s sleep and releases the traumatic tension. The unique and high-quality design provides extra comfort to your furry friend.

Activates the Nervous System: This specially designed pet bed activates the nervous system and allows them to sleep calmly and peacefully.

Quality Material: The material used for these beds is fluffier, softer and comfortable and you will be able to see immediate results by using these beds.

Water Resistant: These Pet Beds keep your furry friend warm and the water-resistant nylon keeps the bottom of the floor dry in case of a water accident.

Eases Joint Pain: This dog bed has a raised rim which helps creates a sense of security and provides extra neck and head support.

Hygienic: The Pet Bed is made of anti-bacterial faux fur cover and durable nylon which resists the odor and ensure hygiene to you pet.

Luxury Design: This luxurious design is sure to enhance the beauty of any house and is a great addition to the décor.

We have an extensive range of Pet Beds and Hammocks and you can choose your favorite design from