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Our Story

Furvenzy started as a small venture by a dedicated team due to our immense love for Pets. We are so in love with them that we felt their pain as our pain, and their needs as our needs.

We are currently an 6 member like minded team with one thing in common which is Passion for Pets. Every member of our team has multiple pets at home and by spending so much time with them we could understand their wants and we thought that we should share our experience by offering quality products to innumerable pet lovers across the world.

Meet the Furvenzy Team


Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones, Founder - 36 Year old Founder of Furvenzy. An MIT Graduate, she is responsible for starting out this venture & getting this awesome team on board.




Peter Grum, Product Development - 45 Years. A Silicon Valley product who is now responsible for Product Development and ensuring that the Pets & Pet Parent across the globe get high quality products.




Alex Davis, Marketing - 32 Years. A Marketing professional from University of California who has worked with many top brands. His passion for Pets has led him to join Furvenzy.




Mark Woodbury, Supplier Relations - 28 Years. Having quality suppliers is the backbone of any business and Mark with his tremendous skills ensures that Furvenzy's backbone is always straight and solid.




Samantha Corbin, Customer Service - 29 Years. Samantha looks after something we pride ourselves in. Customer Service has always been our forte and she excels in it.




Whitney Cartet, Shipping - 31 Years. At Furvenzy we ensure that our customers receive the products in minimum possible time. Even during the challenging COVID times, Whitney has gone above & beyond to provide timely delivery & service. 


With this highly motivated team, we have reached over 300,000 customers in 1 year and the love & affection we get from customer's reviews tells us that we are defiantly slated for more.

From the time we receive an order, till the time the customer receives the order, its a clockwork and we make sure that we are able to provide the best experience to all our customers.

Every email you send us, phone call you make, is answered by a member of our team. Someone who knows our products and who uses our products daily. We wouldn't have it any other way.