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Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Light Sensing

Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Light Sensing

For all chicken farmers, this is the ideal automated farm coop door! Waterproofed, a sturdy construction, a light sensor, a 3-year battery life that operates in all weather, a simple user interface, and, most importantly, poultry safety are all aspects of this automated chicken coop door opener.

This is the best automatic chicken coop door available in the market today which comes with a light sensor that will astonish you both at night and during the day. 

1. Battery-powered:

 You don't need to rely on solar energy, you can use it in any environment! The product requires 3 AA batteries!

2. Easy to use-easy to program buttons:

The solar sensing chicken door turns on automatically in the morning and turns off at night.

3. Temperature Resistant

This DIY Automatic chicken house door is resistant to high and low temperatures, as are batteries. Because the battery is installed in the waterproof case, it can be placed outside in cold or warm weather, and the product quality is very good!

4. Easy To Install:

This is one of the best-designed chicken coop door openers which Takes no more than 10 minutes to install the door (no complicated wiring or cabling).

 Size: 35x24x3.7cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Richard Allison
Its a great design!

I installed the T40 door today. It was very easy to install since there are just six screws to install it and I already had the hole cut for the door. I installed it in the inside of my chicken coop as the windows provide more than enough light to operate the sensor.

Michael Baker
Definitely worth it!

This door is awesome. No more waking up at sunrise to let the hens out. I have the door set to close 1 hour after dark to make sure all our hens get in their coop.

Brad Barber
Works As Advertised

Great item. Seems very well made. Sturdy. I really like the direct drive system vs the separate string roller that other automatic doors have. Had to do a little fine tuning on the closing adjustment at dark. Been about a month now, and I would definitely recommend this product.

Kenneth Belenski
Love this door

This is a remarkably well designed/thought out product. I was a little hesitant given it costs the same as the "name brand" pophole doors, but its design is just a billion times better.

Douglas Broadtman
very satisfied urban chicken farmer

The door is solid and opens and closes fully and easily. It's well made and seems like it will last for many years.