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Automatic Dog Feeder Bowl - Food & Water


Automatic Dog Feeder Bowl

The biggest worry of a Pet Parent is having the pet fed while they are away or travelling. It is a constant thought which keeps troubling a concerned pet owner & affect their schedule specially if their Cat or Dog are not very habitual of feeding themselves.

Furvenzy presents Automatic Feeder for Food & Water which will make sure that your pet always gets a meal at the right time without any help so that you can live stress free. This product is suitable for both Dogs as well as Cats at your home and will inculcate healthy eating habits in your pets ensuring adequate nutrition. 

We understand that both Food and Water are equally essential for your pet, hence there are 2 variations of the product for you to choose. The Pet Feeder Food Bowl can store up to 1.5 Kg of Pet Food whereas the Water Bowl can store up to 3.8 Liters of water.

Large Capacity: The dispenser has enough capacity to store for one week so that you don’t have to constantly refill the food & water. The tentative storage timeline is as under -

Small and Medium-sized Cats & Dogs under 13 KG: Drinking Fountain 3-6 Days / Food Container 7-14 days.

Medium and Large Dogs over 13 KG: Drinking Fountain 1-3 days / Food container 3-6 days 

ScientificDesign: Carefully designed at 15° tilt to ensure that there is no stress on spine of the pet while eating or drinking.

Non-Slip:The Feeders are made of Non-Slip Base which keeps them Stable & Firm. The Siphon device prevents the water leakage and controls the speed of drinking water preventing the overflow.

Air Tight Container:Extremely simple & easy to assemble and disassemble, the Pet Feeders are sealed air tight so that the Food & Water remains fresh & healthy for a long time.

Attractive Colors & Design: Most of such products in the market are available in White color but according to a research 76% of Pets are attracted to color rather than plain white, hence we have ensured beautiful bright colors for your pet to fall in love with.

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Sherman Kane

Super! Fast delivery, quality. Cats are satisfied)


Отличное качество. Приходит хорошо упакованным!!!

Candice Watson

everythink is ok, thank you :)

Annabelle S


Nicole Mathison

Excellent product! It works as expected.