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Cartoon Pet House Cat Nest


Cartoon Pet House Cat Nest

  • PLUSH PET TENT: We’ve designed these tent houses for dogs and cats using super soft micro plush fabric which brings comfort to your pet! Pets’ ideal reliance is to find the ideal sleeping position to ensure that they wake up refreshed.

    CONVENIENT CLEANING: Our pet bed can be machine washed directly. But we recommend manual washing it dried safely to ensure freshness and hygiene.

    UNIQUE CUTE CARTOON CAT DESIGN: The whole cat bed presents the novel shape of the Amuse cat. Cats naturally like hidden caves. This new cartoon cat bed will make your cat love it!

    LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: The lightweight makes it easy to place and change positions in-home, which is perfect for you to put it in your living room, bedroom. It is not only a pet cave but also a cute home decor.

    OWN SPECIAL SHELTER: Our cat and dog cave bed can cover 360 degrees, which is very suitable for pets who like to dig holes! kitten bed is specially designed for pets under 12 pounds, light weight and easy to transport!

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