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Cat Scratching Board – Foldable Organ

If you are looking for a Cat Scratcher Toy then look no further. Furvenzy presents the best cardboard cat scratcher available in the market today which will make your cat fall in love with it. This cat toy transforms its shape to act as multiple scratchers.

It’s a Cat scratcher with a ball to help keep your cat interested and entertained for hours!

Superior cardboard & construction lasts longer than other cat board scratchers. Train your furry friend away from sofa, carpet, and any other furniture

Thoughtful Design

The 2-in-1 transformable shape design blends well into most home decor designs as a foldable cat scratching furniture.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard, non-toxic cornstarch glue. Attractive design in neutral colors.

Cats love it

The textured scratch surface provides the right spot for your cat's natural scratching needs and makes it one of the best cat scratching toys. Durable, double-sided cat paper is more durable than traditional cat paper.

Includes: Catnip, Colorful Jingle Balls

Attract your cat to a good workout and relieve stress. Extra cutout to place a colored ball with bells to help keep your cat interested and entertained for hours!

Must-Have Cat Scratch Board

Premium cardboard and construction outlast other scratchboards, keeping your furry friend away from sofas, rugs, and any other furniture.

Material: Corrugated Honeycomb Paper
Size: 24x24x10cm (9.4*9.4*3.9in)

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Luc Ware
Keeps my cats busy

Never see a toy like this since I am have my cat for 8 years. I have four cats, both bigger and small cats love this.

Leland Shuman
Thank you Furvenzy

This is a very fun toy with great quality. Not only my cat enjoys it, my 2-year-old son also loves it. Definitely worth the money.

Mark Clemons
For once a toy where the toy it's self is more captivating then the box it came in.

Once set up my cats play with it for a good half hour. How it transforms keep them busy!

Tim Smith
Unique New Cat Toy

My cats could have cared less. It looks like most cats would love it though.

Curtis DeRoche
Great Customer Service by Furvenzy

This toy arrived as something much like a stack of paper but un-frills into this comb shape. The ends contain strong magnates that allow the two ends to connect to create a circle and provide ease of adding/removing the ball inside. Nice if you want to exchange it for say a catnip toy, or anything if your kitty isn't the kind to care about the hard plastic balls with bells inside that this comes with.