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Cat Water Fountain

5-in-1 Replacement Filter

Cat Water Fountain

A source of constant running clean water encourages the pets to drink which plays a critical role in long term health. Studies have shown that 74% Cats prefer water from filtered fountain because the water tastes fresher & using a water fountain can help encourage hydration which reduces the burden on cat’s kidneys.

The Pet Water Fountain is ergonomically designed with a 5 in 1 filtration system to ensure that your feline has access to fresh clean water at all times which ensures improvement in fatigue & stress related issues and promotes overall wellness.

More than 1 Cats can Drink at the same time: This self filling Cat or Dog water bowl dispenses water from two sides, which means that multiple cats can drink water at the same time. Do check out the video above for the same.

LargeCapacity: The Pawoof Water Fountain for Cats has a large capacity of 50oz or 1.5 Liters which is great for Cats & small Dogs in a multiple pet household. As a pet Parent, you do not need to worry even if you go out for a few days. It has a 100 ML emergency storage area which can be used in emergency situations such as a power failure.

Ultra-Quite: The Pawoof Cat drinking Fountain has a low consumption water pump which works super quietly and the noise is less than 38dB. This ensure that the running fountain does not disturb you or your pet’s sleep.

HighQuality Material: The Water fountain is made of high-quality BPA free, non-toxic and odorless plastic material which can be used safely and securely.

Fully Transparent: The Unique Transparent design of this Pawoof Pet Water Fountain tank clearly indicates the water level and the cleanliness of the water. It is way more convenient to add or change water and clean this Pet Water Dispenser as compared to the conventional stainless-steel fountains.

3 Day US Shipping: Once you order this Fountain, you will receive the fountain within 3-4 days anywhere within the US and the shipping is totally free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Michelle Reynolds

I am beyond impressed by the Furvenzy Team and their competition has a lot to strive for. Quality, warranty-backed products, beautiful packaging, SUPERB customer service and access to a lifelong team of cat-loving experts. Total rock stars!!!!

Autumn Gonzales

My Cat loves this fountain! Before we had multiple water bowls all over the house. She would also follow us to the bathroom for fresh drinks from the sink or tub. Now she can have fresh running water any time of day or night. She also can’t manage to tip over the fountain when she’s playing with the water, which had been a major problem with the bowls. So glad she can get the water she needs whenever she wants!

Marsha Owens

I am so impressed with this fountain that I am going to have to buy a second one! I have five kids and they all love it! The fountain is up on a counter so it stays more clean and is more exercise for my more “fluffy” kids. I went back and forth with myself for a few months before I took the plunge, don’t wait! Buy it now!!

Jane Wells

My 4 cats love this fountain. Its the quietest fountain ive ever owned. It's very clean and i dont have to wipe it. Other fountains ive had, ive had to empty daily and clean out. My cats are obsessed with it. They drink from it all the time and my sink obsessed cat has significantly stopped meowing for the sink. I highly recommend this fountain. I even got a nice tote!!

Madeleine Evans

It took my 2 cats a couple days to figure out what it was, but once they did they now love it! They go over and drink from it frequently and seem interested by what it's doing every time. Whenever I clean/replace the water (twice a week) I notice that there is never slime/slobber/stagnation build up so it's just a quick rinse and refill!