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Cat Water Fountain - Transparent


Cat Water Fountain - Transparent

A source of constant running clean water encourages the pets to drink which plays a critical role in long term health. Studies have shown that 74% Cats prefer water from filtered fountain because the water tastes fresher & using a water fountain can help encourage hydration which reduces the burden on cat’s kidneys.

The Furvenzy Cat Water Fountain is ergonomically designed to ensure that your feline has access to fresh clean water at all times which ensures improvement in fatigue & stress related issues and promotes overall wellness.


LargeCapacity: The Furvenzy Cat Water Fountain has a large capacity of 2 Liters which is great for Cats & Dogs in a multiple pet household. As a pet Parent, you do not need to worry even if you go out for a few days. It has a 200 ML emergency storage area which can be used in emergency situations such as a power failure.

Circulating FiltrationSystem: The Cat Water Fountain is equipped with 2 replacement filters, each composed of a cotton layer, high-density, high-content activated carbon & an ion exchange resin to achieve multiple filtrations. This process helps in providing healthy and hygienic water to your beloved pets all day long.

HighQuality Material: The Water fountain is made of high-quality BPA free, non-toxic and odorless plastic material which can be used safely and securely.

Ultra-Quite: The low consumption water pump, works super quietly and the noise is less than 38dB. This ensure that the running fountain does not disturb you or your pet’s sleep. It has an auto Power-off system when there is a water shortage which avoids the hidden danger of dry burning and hence its safer for pets.

High Oxygen Content: Unhealthy water can cause your pets to suffer from heavy metal toxicity or get urinary diseases. The Circulation system of this water fountain, increase the contact area of water and air with higher oxygen content which ensures better water quality & freshness.

Fully Transparent: The Unique Transparent design of this Pet Water Fountain tank clearly indicates the water level and the cleanliness of the water. It is way more convenient to add or change water and clean this Pet Water Dispenser as compared to the conventional stainless-steel fountains.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Raymond Muller

Пришла посылка быстро. Очень хорошо упакована. Работает чётко. Киса и я довольны! Рекомендую!! 5+

Megan Wells

The spout was cut off by the end, as it prevents drinking from the bowl, lies directly on the forehead. And so everything is fine)

Jennifer Matilda

The order was delivered in a few days to the Moscow region. With the assembly of problems did not arise, the sensor works, the water flows. But the Cats still do not dare to get drunk from the fountain.

Ricky Woods

Received long before expected. It comes super well packaged with a lot of mime and conscience. It is favil to mount, it carries the necessary accessories which is appreciated. I caught it with the extra motion sensor pack that has us all in love with cats and cats to humans, the tank is large enough and efficient. I would definitely buy again! It's easy to clean. The previous one was you buying was a mess in every way. This one is perfect!

Neomi Anderson

Great product, highly recommended