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Dog Car Seat Cover (Priority Shipping 4-7 Days)

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Dog Car Seat Cover

As vehicle owners, we love to put our dogs at the back of our seat & take them for ride regardless of the fact if it is a small trip to the grocery store or a ride at the park as we have a satisfying feeling when our furry friend is with us all the time.

This makes it critical to have a good car seat cover as we can’t expect our dog to be extra careful at the back seat. Even if the dog is trained, there is always a chance that they can leave a mess that would be costly to repair or will leave a permanent mark and spoil the interiors.

Furvenzy presents premium Dog Car Seat Cover designed to universally fit any standard vehicle and is equipped with seat belt openings, straps to fit headrests and a rubber non-slip backing for you to be stress free and not worry about taking your dogs for the ride while you travel. Along with strategically placed pockets, it also has a mesh window which acts as a divider between the front & rear seat for added safety & comfort of the pet.

No more Dog Hair or Dirt Everywhere: Dog’s hair stick to the vehicle’s floor; floor mats and seats and it takes a long time to scrub & vacuum the seats. The Dog Seat cover can save you a lot of cleaning time as it ensures that the pet does not comes in direct contact with the seat or the floor.

Protects the Backseat: Getting the seats scratched is unavoidable when you have a dog at the backseat. Seat Cover acts as a protection barrier between the rear seats and your dog as the durable material used will withstand all the scratches and even a bite or two.

Prevents Lingering Stain Odor: Stains from your dog’s drool or a water accident can also be avoided by using this waterproof hammock car seat cover. If the dog gets sick and vomits, then all you have to do is remove the seat cover and clean it. Made of waterproof & machine washable material, the seat cover will ensure that there is no lingering smell or odor after the ride.

Ensures Dog Safety: The Dog seat cover ensures that the dog does not slip or slide while you are driving as it is designed from a padded cushion fabric to keep your canine in place. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety & comfort as the seat cover adheres to the car seats providing stability to the dog at the backseat.

Offers more room than a Crate: Many Pet Parents prefer a crate over a seat cover as it keeps the pet secure but the downside to a crate is that it prevents the pet to stretch their legs in the car. Hence, a foldable seat cover is a more comfortable option to provide ample leg room and also avoiding your dog being restless during a long ride on the road.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Pierre Mowrey

I ordered from Russia, it came on the 4th day. Very good quality of materials, on the back side the surface is rubberized. Installed easily. On the Polo sedan came perfectly

David Norton

The quality is very good, I did not even expect it. In size and functionality Super

Bronson Kaus

Good thing. Especially for children, dogs and pigs, which is basically the same.

Michael Linsley

Very good product. Fits perfectly to my VW Passat.
It lets air through the rear and its sides allow the dog to access without damaging the entrance.

Paul McFee

Past goed en goede kwaliteit! Snel ontvangen