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Dog Paw Cleaner


Walking your dog daily is great for their mental and physical health; it helps them to keep fit, socialize and builds a stronger bond with their owners. However, walking them daily can mean bringing in muddy and dirty paws into the house, especially when your surroundings are wet and muddy. Muddy paws can stain floors, sofa, bed and carpets.

Our dog paw washer ensures that you can walk your dog out on a rainy day without worrying about bringing in muddy paws. Your doggie comes back in with a clean paw!


CLEAN AND HEALTHY PAWS- Washing their paws constantly removed harmful substances like road salt, keeps the paws clean and healthy

NO MORE DIRT, MUD AND DEBRIS IN THE HOUSE-This dog foot washer cleans your doggie paws at the door and ensures no dirt is brought into the house

SOFT&SAFE FOR PETS- The DOG PAW CLEANER is BPA free and made from recycled eco-friendly material that will not make pets feel ache, itchy or discomfort. The soft but durable bristles quickly remove any mud, sand, dirt, or grass from your pup's paw.

SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE- Just add a little bit of water and gently twist and turn until you get all the dirt off your pup's paw. Repeat this as much as needed then dry your pup off with a towel.

VERY PORTABLE- You can rest easy knowing you can take your Pet Paw Cleaner with you anywhere so your dog can stay clean on the go! Walks in the park can now be enjoyable from start to finish.

GREAT FOR ALL PUPS- Enjoy going out with your dogs, no muddy paws again, keep your sofa and floor clean, no more footprints. Keep your house clean from now on.

Customer Reviews

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Doug E

Useful product. Fast shipping.


For Giant breeds it would be fine to have xl option.

H. Berry


Robert J. Neal

Before Chelyabinsk, it turned out very fast delivery, in one parcel combined two and delivery was the DPD service. Size L is perfect for Collie. And the effectiveness of this device will be appreciated in the spring, when dirt begins

Dean Parker

Cool thing. it absorbs moisture well