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Dog Swimming Pool


Dog Swimming Pool

Just like for the humans, swimming for dogs is a great, low impact total body workout which is easy on the pet’s joints and limbs. A Swimming pool can be a fun place to play with kids or a rehabilitation method for a dog recovering from a procedure.

Studies have shown that, 1 minute of swimming is the equivalent to 4 minutes of jogging. It ensures more workout in shorter period of time & helps promote a full range of movement and blood flow to prevent muscle spasm.

There is no better way for your dog to cool off on a hot day than taking a splash into the cool water. To minimize your work on hot summer days, Furvenzy presents a Dog swimming pool which comes in many different sizes to accommodate all types of Pets such as Dogs, Cats, Small Pups or any of your furry friends.

Foldable& Space-Saving: This Dog bathtub is foldable and portable, and it can be folded into a small portable size which is easy to store and carry outdoors for camping or traveling without any hassle. Designed to be installed outside in the Backyard or a Garden, it has a built-in upholder which never collapses.

PremiumQuality: The pet swimming pool is made of premium quality durable PVC material which is extremely easy to inflate & deflate. The Leakproof material ensures to prevent the water leakage due to puncture which results in longevity even after constant usage.

Anti-Skid: The anti-skid bottom of the water pond prevents your pets & children from slipping when they are wading & splashing around in the pool keeping them safe.

Easy to Clean: The Furvenzy Dog Swimming Pool is extremely easy & convenient to clean, which can be done by just deflating it, washing & rinsing it with soap water and allowing it to dry in the sun for a couple of hours.

Multi-Purpose Use: Can be used as Pet pool, Pet bathtub, Outdoor water pond, Fish pond, Toddler bathtub. No tools or assembly required.

Customer Reviews

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That's a great thing. I was very worried that it would come to me as a Nector written-but no. Everything is perfect-without holes without damage. The pool is great my 2 dogs-Caucasian and German outings quite There are placed and lie down and jump. I am very content thank you

J. Shore

I expected it bigger.



Tim Courville

I loved it, good quality materials, exact description, came a gift glove!
I'll try it tomorrow and make additional comments. Thank you

Sherman Kane

Bought a Bassik for a child more). So bought a puppy and we all understand that our beauty any inflatable will bite). And this one I hope will serve for a long time. 1200*30. I will complement the review in the next season.