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Elevated Cat Bed Hammocks - Wood Canvas

Dark Blue

Elevated Cat Bed Hammocks - Wood Canvas

Cats love to nap at a comfortable place and this uniquely designed hammock is a perfect gift for your cat.

As cats are known to sleep at any place, they find suitable, these hammocks are perfectly designed to ensure that they don’t fall off while sleeping.

Air Permeability:The fabric has strong air permeability and is not easy to mold. It is made to be stable and has a phenomenal load bearing capacity.

Design: Designed with strong braided rope and hook which is convenient and stylish

Easy to Clean: This hammock is made of high-quality plush fabrics which is soft as well as tight. The braided rope connected with the plush bed can be removed from the hook for cleaning.

Easy Installation: The hammock is easy to install and comes with a manual with the help of which it can be installed within 20 minutes.

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