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Interactive Toy for Cats


Interactive Toy for Cats

Interactive toys enable a pet owner to raise a well-trained, healthy cat with sharp natural instincts for hunting and mental alertness. Various studies have shown that around 82% of Cats will become lazy & have anxiety issues if they are not getting proper exercise or are not involved in any indoor activity. And what better exercise than an Interactive toy which releases endorphins and stimulates your Kitty into motion.

Furvenzy presents a playful toy designed to keep your Kitten occupied, excited & away from boredom while you are busy or at work. It stimulates the Cat’s movements and your cats will instantly fall in love with this Ball Turntable interactive toy and turn your space into a playground.


This Cat Toy comes in various shapes & maze designs to keep your Cats entertained by chasing the balls as if they are catching & pouncing on a mouse prey. This keeps them active, enhances their curiosity & attention span.

Get more playtime with your feline friend and captivate your cat's attention while satisfying its hunting instincts with a unique stimulating cat toy puzzle which also helps keep your cat entertained, physically fit and nimble. The focused, interactive play will improve your cat's overall wellness & happiness.

You can relax and watch your cat flopping around at home or join them in this fun game which is designed for enjoyment for both Kittens and Pet Parents. You are sure to enjoy your cat’s reactions to the intrigues of this craft for hours.

Our Interactive Cat toy is made of Environment Friendly, Non-Toxic Corrugated Cardboard which is harmless to the feline. It is Scratch & Abrasion resistant, extremely durable.

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Customer Reviews

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Bronson Kaus

Super workmanship, kotki satisified! Recommend

Michael Linsley

Entertaining for cat, recommended product for your pets, very fast delivery, widely recommended to buy with this seller

Paul McFee

Excellent. My cat is delighted :)

David Franzen


Edward Marsman

Labai fainas, Katinas patenkintas :D