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Pet Dog Sofa Mattress


Pet Dog Sofa Mattress

Our beautiful Pet Dog Sofa Mattress offers the best memory foam dog bed for dogs of all life stages from puppies with growing bones and joints to our elder friends who may be suffering from canine arthritis or recovering from surgery. The outer cover is handmade in a beautiful rich Aubergine velvet with piping along the top and base edging and a handy carry handle with a side zip for easy removal on wash days. The inner mattress protector is made with corivan a soft, breathable fabric and machine washable. 

A floor level memory foam dog bed is also the perfect solution for dogs with thick or double coats that feel the heat and look for cooler areas by doors and cold floors to sleep on. Offering them an orthopaedic dog bed that can easily be moved around to cooler areas helps reduce muscle and joint pain from sleeping on hard or concrete floors. 

The body is supported adequately and it does not sink the to base, our product can be flipped over to use on either side of the dog bed. Memory foam is a dense flat and stable base in which to step onto rather than jump up onto which can cause injury to dogs if they are unsteady on their paws through age, surgery, injury or eyesight. For dogs who suffer from canine arthritis like our own boy who is nearing 10.5 years old he is finding it difficult after sleeping for long periods to raise up and find a steady footing without it being painful and then tips slightly sideways until the rest of his legs catch up.

Changing his base mattress to a memory foam pad has dramatically improved his confidence in walking onto his orthopaedic dog bed and when rising. His sleep pattern has also changed in the way he is happy and content in the spot he finds most comfortable and does not move on and off as he used to on a cushion, his rest during sleep patterns and getting up onto his paws has improved. 

Benefits of a memory foam mattress.

  • Suitable for all life stages from puppies to dogs in their elder years
  • The best orthopaedic dog bed for those needing help recovering after surgery
  • Provides a stable base/ does not tip over when your dog walks on/off their bed perfect for dogs with sight impairment
  • 3" Deep 100% Memory Foam Product can be used on both sides
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite free product.
  • Moulds to the body shape of your dog offering vital spinal and joint support.
  • Improves blood flow circulation around the muscles and joints minimising pressure points.

Size Reference

Size Length x Width Suitable For
M 60x45 Cm 1-7.5 Kg
L 75x55 Cm 7.5-12.5 Kg
XL 82x62 Cm 12.5-17.5 Kg
2XL 90x70 Cm 17.5-25 Kg


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Megan Wells
Fast delivery

A product that fully meets my expectations.

Great Item

My dog loves it

Patrick King

My cat likes to sleep in it. It is very practical and it is machine washed. I love it!

Steve Armstrong
Good one

Super nice and comfortable. Great, feel like looking for a big one to sleep

Jane Burns
Love this Store

It took them a few days to warm up to it, but my kittens love it! Great purchase, will probably buy another one when they grow a bit :)