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Pet Sofa Blanket and Furniture Protector

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Pet Sofa Blanket and Furniture Protector

Tired of pet hair, mess & spills on your couch?

Always feel bad about your dog jumping on your pristine furniture?

Our Pet Calming Furniture Protector provides the perfect solution.     

Created with anxiety-relieving principles, the cozy couch cover from Furvenzy protects your couch, bed or car while providing a comfortable place of rest for your pet.

Key Features

🐾  Soft faux fur blanket for a happy, comfortable pup.
🐾  Anti-anxiety properties of this waterproof blanket calms your pet.
🐾  Removable and washable cover to keep it fresh.
🐾  Urine proof couch cover
🐾  This Furniture cover protects your couch from hair, spills and mess.
🐾  Prevents tears and scratches.
🐾  Protects against fur, dirt, and smells.
🐾  Can be used on a bed, sofa, floor, or car seat.
🐾  Equipped with a water-resistant liner for your peace of mind!

Undoubtedly the best cat couch protector in the market today as 94% of customers reported that their dog experienced reduced stress & anxiety whilst 39% followed up with an email expressing how their pet 'loves' it!

Our Calming Sofa Cover is specially designed to reduce your pup's anxiety whilst allowing you to keep them where they feel most safe, next to you! The raised rim creates a sense of security whilst the premium ultra-soft fur keeps your dog cosy and protects your furniture!


Anti Anxiety
This slip on cover for sofa doubles as a pillow and barrier to provide a sense of security and relieve anxiety.

Soft Faux Fur
The waterproof couch cover is made of Soft faux fur which keeps your pup comfortable and warm.

Machine Washable
This large waterproof dog blanket has removable cover which makes it super easy to clean and keep it hygienic.

Versatile For Any Situation
Whether its in the car or on the bed, you can take your throw blanket anywhere you go.




Maximum Comfort

A combination of thick padding and dog-friendly materials ensures that your fur baby will always feel cozy and at ease every time they lounge or sleep on the sofa.

Easy to Clean

Our couch dog cover is fully machine washable with a removable cover so you can quickly remove any mess and put it back before your dog has a chance to mess up your couch.

Blends with your Decor

Our dog blanket for couch is designed to fit into any room allowing them to maintain their original ambiance and aesthetics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Richard Westphal
My dog is in absolute heaven!!

WOW!! I got this for my 10 year old Shih Poo because he's constantly stealing my fuzzy blanket off of the couch. I figured if I wanted to stay warm this winter, I better get him something of his own. 🤣 I don't think I've ever gotten him anything that he's liked this much. I swear he's in absolute heaven. I totally understand why, because the fabric is plush, super soft and fluffy. Just looking at it makes me want to curl up and snuggle into it, which is exactly what my little guy does every single day, sometimes all day long. 🤣 I love the half circle bolster that goes around the backside. Not only is it comfy for him to lay on, but it also protects the leather on my new couch. It's filled with a good density cotton filling that provides a nice cushion. He loves to either rest his chin on it, if I have it on the couch that he can look out the front door, or, if it's on the other couch, he will curl his head into it to cover his eyes. The bottom of it has a non-slip backing on it to keep it from sliding off of the couch, which works fabulously. We haven't had any issues with it sliding off. It arrives in a tightly compressed vacuum sealed bag. Once you take it out, give it a good shake and then let it set for a day or two. Once it plumps up you're ready to go. He's been using this for around 3 weeks and it's holding up great under constant use. I haven't noticed any flattening or clumping of the bolster or any shedding of the furry fabric. He loves this so much that I need to buy another one, so we've got one on each couch. I'm tired of dragging it back and forth between the couches.

Roger Dillaman
This is SO SOFT!!

I had it on the couch but it's pretty big for our little couch so I moved it to inside my dogs crate. The bottom is just a thick blanket, not big padding like a bed. I was expecting this but wanted to point it out just in case someone was thinking it was a dog BED. It's more like a fancy couch or bed cover with a bolstered curved pillow to provide your pup that cuddlyness they typically love. SO I've used it on my bed and my dog loves it, but right now it's in her crate and even though it's not padded on the bottom she is curled up in there more often than not! Super easy to wash and doesn't shed like a lot of these cheaper fuzzy things do.

Mark Keith
My Boys can't live without it!

I have two Boxer brothers who love to sleep on my bed. I bought this dog bed so they would have a place to cuddle and I could have a dedicated spot that I could use just for them.It's turned out to be so much better than I expected! Really plush, fluffy and great quality, and unzips easily to take off to wash. I just fold the long flap under when it's on the bed if I want to sit on the bed with the Boys, other times I can let that extra material out to cover the bed (or it can be used on a sofa with the flap hanging over, like in the merchant's photo).My Boys won't leave it alone, and haven't slept on any other area since I opened the package and put it on the bed, it was an INSTANT hit.When you get it home, you do need to take it out of the vacuum sealed package and let it expand for about a half hour or so.My dogs are about 50 lbs each and fit together on the bed comfortably, as you can see in the photos I've included.I recommend this bed highly, and these are my own opinions, I've received no compensation for this review.

Harry Taylor
Their new favorite bed

With four dogs in the house it's hard to find a spot for yourself... after buying this, they pups seem to flock to the bed. There are multiple beds throughout the house for them to lay on, but they always end up on the couch or in our spots on the couch. Since we purchased this bed, one of two of them always seem to find themselves relaxing in the couch bed.We are very happy with this purchase may even buy a second one so they all have room. (We purchased the large bed.)

Derrick Moody
Amazing bed for two doggies.

I love this bed. I have two dogs. One is medium sized and the other is small. I been looking around shopping for dog beds and a small one is about $20 and a medium one can run up to $40. This one is better than having two beds. Its big enough for both doggies to lay. They love it. The material is also good for them as they like comfy stuff. Better than any other bed because now when the dogs want to jump on the couch this can go up rather other dog beds. So happy with this buy. Thank you!I bought the Large bed