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Pet Water Fountain


Keep your Pets Hydrated by Providing them Fresh, Clean and Running water.

High Capacity - This sleek product can hold up to 2.4L of Water which is enough water supply for 2 Pets. Your pet will have Continuous Access to Filtered Water, which streams out of 5 spouts on the top and flows down the sides. You can easily adjust the flow by twisting the top

High Quality - Main body of this Cat water Fountain is made from High-Quality PP Resin which is BPA Free & safe. The Drinking Tray is made of Food-Grade Stainless Steel to ensure Durability & Safety.

LED Indicator - The Pet Fountain with LED Light can clearly Monitor the Water Level at a glance when it's time to refill the water. The Blue Lighting Effect attracts the Pet to drink water at Night & adds a lovely glow in your home.

Activated Carbon - The Circulating Filtration System has an activated carbon filter with an added foam layer in this Dog Water Fountain. This helps ensure tap water Tastes and Smells Good while Removing Hair & Other Debris.

Quiet Operation - Ultra Quiet & Intelligent Low Consumption Pump with indicator light which turns red when the water level is low & the pump shuts off automatically. The pump stays Below 40 Decibels & usually Lasts 2.5 - 4 Years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Wayne P. Jensen

Well Packaged. Has arrived quickly to Madrid in less than two semanss.
It comes with a filter. I just put it in and my cats seem interested in the source.


Amazing value for money. Comes without wall plug (and without water) - so you'll have to procure that part. Nothing to complain. Very silent - so it doesn't scare the cat. BUY IT! I absolutely do recommend it!

George Gibson

Really satisfied. אחלה device. My cat loves it ושותה more water

Steve Armstrong

I love it! The product has arrived in perfect condition and quite fast. My cat and my agaporni are delighted with the source. It is also quiet and has very nice lighting. I'll recommend it to everyone.

Patrick King

really good very nice materials, very sturdy and high quality. the cat loved it. came very fast, arrived in a week and well packaged. very easy to assemble.