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Pokemon Backpack Trolley

A -Single backpack
A- Single backpack
A- Single backpack 1
A -Single backpack 1
A -Single backpack 2
A- Single backpack 2
A -Single wheel
A -Single wheel 1
A -Single wheel 2
A -Single wheel 3
A -Single wheel 4
A- Single wheel
A-3 wheels -P
A-3 wheels -P 1
A-3 wheels -P 2
A-3 wheels tie -P
A-3 wheels -P 3
A-3 wheels -P 4
A-3 wheels -G
A-3 wheels -G 1
A-3 wheels -G 2
A-3 wheels -G
A-3 wheels -G 1
A- 3 wheels -G

Pokemon Backpack Trolley

Introducing our versatile and durable Pokémon Backpack Trolley, the ultimate companion for students on the go! Engineered for convenience and comfort, this backpack trolley boasts a clever design that effortlessly navigates stairs while carrying school essentials or travel gear.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this trolley bag combines functionality and style, featuring the iconic Pokémon design that appeals to students and Pokémon enthusiasts alike. Its spacious compartments and dedicated laptop storage make it ideal for organizing books, laptops, and other school or travel necessities.

Designed for ease of use, the trolley function assists students in effortlessly maneuvering through stairs and uneven surfaces, reducing strain and making travel a breeze. Its lightweight construction ensures comfort during extended use.

Key Features:

  • Pokémon-themed Backpack Trolley for school and travel
  • Stairs climbing design for easy navigation
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Ample storage for books, laptop, and travel essentials
  • Perfect gift for students and Pokémon fans

Whether for school, travel, or daily use, this Pokémon Backpack Trolley combines functionality and style, offering a reliable and fashionable solution for students or travelers needing efficient storage and mobility.

Make their school or travel experience hassle-free and delightful! Order this Pokémon Backpack Trolley today and give the gift of convenience and style to a student or Pokémon lover in your life.


Model A bag Height: 16.92inches, Width: 11.81inches, Thickness: 7.08inch

Model B bag (without base buckle) Height: 17.71inches Width: 12.59inches
Thickness: 7.87 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Harry Shaver
Stylish and Functional

It's stylishly designed and incredibly functional. The dedicated laptop storage is a big plus, and the overall build quality is impressive. Definitely worth the investment for school or travel needs. Furvenzy Recommended

James Clemons Malone
Practical and Handy

This backpack trolley is practicality at its finest! The combination of functionality and Pokémon design makes it a hit among my friends too.

Ralph Deoreo
Ideal for Busy Days

As a student, this backpack trolley has been a lifesaver on busy days. The storage compartments are well-thought-out, and it's easy to maneuver, even with a heavy load of books. Amazing Product

Chris Baillie
Fantastic Gift Choice

Bought this as a gift for my Pokémon-loving sibling, and they adore it! It's not just a cool design; it's practical and reliable. Perfect for school or even for traveling. He is very happy

Lloyd Harrall
Saves Back Strain

My back thanks me every day for using this trolley bag! It's saved me from the strain of carrying heavy textbooks, and the trolley feature is a game-changer, especially on campus stairs.