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Removable Cat Bed House Cave


Removable Cat Bed House Cave

It is very common for Cats & Dog to suffer from anxiety. As per studies, more than 70% of the pets in the world suffer from anxiety at some point in their life.

They will constantly bark or cry the moment you step outside your house. And sometime the anxiety is due to new environment or fear of separation.

As most of the pets will curl up anywhere from a cold floor to a wet floor which is another reason for the troubles they face hence, we need to create an environment in which they feel clam and safe.

Furvenzy presents a Removable Cat Bed House Cave which provides a soothing environment so that you pet can have a good night’s sleep and releases the traumatic tension. The unique and high-quality design provides extra comfort to your furry friend.

Activates the Nervous System: This specially designed pet bed activates the nervous system and allows them to sleep calmly and peacefully.

Water Resistant: These Pet Beds keep your furry friend warm and the water-resistant nylon keeps the bottom of the floor dry in case of a water accident.

Orthopedic Comfort:  Flexible and cozy pet bed is finished with shaggy faux fur and paired with deep cervices; your pet will have a restful sleep for better health.

Hygienic: The Pet Bed is made of anti-bacterial faux fur cover and durable nylon which resists the odor and ensure hygiene to you pet.

Washable: These pet beds are machine washable and dry friendly and hence you can ensure that the pet always uses a clean and fresh bed.

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