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Smart Electronic Interactive Cat Toy

  • Automatic Cat Toys: BENTOPAL auto cat toy is a great robotic toy. It can smart play with your cat when you are out, and will automatically shut down to make sure that your cat gets the required rest.
  • Cat Exercise Toys: Two motors work independently, ensuring that the robot toy run smoothly. There are multi tracks included to increase your cat’s exercise. 620 mah large capacity battery could work for 8 hrs under default mode.
  • Cat Feather Toys: There are various accessories to keep your cats fresh everyday. You can set it for your cat to chase feathers or plush chick some day and chase flying bird and charmer toys another day, keeping them feeling fresh all the time. Also you can DIY some special accessory for your lovely pet.
  • Smart Teasing Toys: Built in sensor can induct obstacles to turn direction automatically. No need to worry about being stuck as the 2 powerful motors work great on tile floor, wood floor or carpet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Johannes Sweeney
Too fast for my senior cat! LOL

This toy is very well made. It's sturdy and lights up for some nighttime chasing. The lights change color and is pretty bright too. My cat did play with it although he's quite old, so he couldn't catch up and gave up. It is a perfect way to release some pent-up energy for my cat!

Lee Gathright
Fun for cats and toddlers

I honestly thought it would be junk like most of the other cat toys weve purchased lately but this is amazing! Our cats hates almost everything after 3 seconds but he was obsessed with this toy. My 3 year old can not stop laughing while the toys wiggles. Fun for all! My only wish is that we could get more time off each charge

Tim Ramundo
Solid cat toy that can handle rough play!

This is a solid cat toy. Even the attachments are solid. It rolls over cables on the floor and can almost clear two inches. Its smart in that it spins and can move in different directions along with blinking different colors.

Allison Chapman
One of the best kitten toys!

Comes with three different attachments and my 4 cats love all of them, especially the feathers. Another cool feature is that it has an inactive period every so often and then starts right up again to peak their interest. Worth the money!

Richard Niederberger
Bentopal automatic cat toy

Bought this for my 1 yr old cat. Opened up the box, put the feather attachment on and turned it on (came with a good charge to it). My cat wasn't sure of it at first, then it started to spin and move He chased it then it stopped just as the cat was going for the feather. The toy then basically chased the cat, our second cat even wanted in on the fun. They both love it.